Victoria Lane Apartments

Apartment settlement under pressure: Critical time-sensitive approval changes needed

Apartment settlement under pressure: Critical time-sensitive approval changes needed

Willis Bond

Wellington, New Zealand

Apartments & Commercial

Code Compliance Certificate Approval Strategy


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Victoria Lane Apartments sets a new standard in apartment seismic safety as Wellington’s first base-isolated apartment development. 

Willis Bond needed to ensure it could deliver and settle the 123 apartments as soon as possible. However, the delivery of the apartments was linked by the building consent to the office floors that were still being completed.


The Challenge:  

Post-COVID, the industry was facing supply and delivery challenges. Willis Bond altered its completion strategy to focus resources on ensuring delivery of the apartment stage, whilst allowing the commercial office space to follow quickly after.

Achieving a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) in early 2023 was critical for the apartments, but the residential and commercial approval was under one consent. With the 2022 Christmas break looming, they needed a clear pathway to get consent changes accepted. 

Having worked with Farsight NZ in the past as a trusted advisor on many successful projects, Willis Bond decided to bring Farsight NZ into the project. 


How Farsight NZ Helped:

Farsight NZ met with all stakeholders to understand the situation. It then applied its extensive knowledge of the relevant legislation to identify and propose a clear road map for Willis Bond. The solution was to get a separate apartment consent within a timeframe that would deliver for everyone. Working closely with the local council BCA was integral to success, and Farsight NZ acted as one of the conduits between the project team and the BCA.


The Outcome:

The council was provided with a clear process to allow seamless approvals and timing. The building consent was quickly separated. The Victoria Lane Apartments CCC was successfully obtained allowing new owners to settle and take occupation.


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