LT McGuinness

1 Queen Street, Auckland


The value add we have got through certainty in dealing with the local council process and relationship thanks to Farsight has been immense and we intend to continue the relationship on any current / further projects we have with them.

- Aaron Lindsay - Project Director

Navigating through the regulatory processes to obtain the necessary certification (Certificate of Public Use – CPU) to allow lawful public access to premises is always a daunting task for projects of this size and complexity. One Queen Street -an exciting downtown redevelopment by Precinct Properties NZ, now the Deloitte Centre, officially opened on the 15th of January 2024 and is a one-of-a-kind mixed-use development. Home to Deloitte, law firm Bell Gully, and Auckland’s first 5 Star Intercontinental Hotel. Still to come is an impressive rooftop bar on level 21 as well as a basement bar off Quay Street. It connects seamlessly into the Commercial Bay retail centre and adjoining office towers.

The project also faced multiple challenges due to unforeseen events and with the pressure to complete such a sizable building to a dedicated time limit, it was crucial to have certainty and confidence when dealing with the important regulatory process.

How Farsight Helped:

Farsight NZ has a proud and long-standing relationship working with LT McGuinness. Rob Tierney, Farsight’s Managing Director, says “We are always enthusiastic to work with the LT McGuinness team. They are the best and we aspire to demonstrate their lofty standards”.

In order to tackle the Certificate of Public Use (CPU) process efficiently, Farsight worked closely with the LT McGuinness team and the local council maintaining clear communication channels throughout the process. (See our Insight article on effective CPU’s).

Farsight’s assistance and guidance provided three clear advantages:

  • Early CPU stakeholder engagement/collaboration resulted in a clear pathway for the relevant CPU process and completion documentation requirements.
  • Maintaining positive Local Authority liaison proved valuable when the project team were focused throughout on the project challenges; and
  • Expert guidance through the council CPU inspection process played a pivotal role in providing certainty to pre-inspection quality checks and final Local Authority inspection.

The Outcome:

Thanks to Farsight’s small but critical involvement, the CPU was issued on time. This provided the LT McGuinness project team, Building Owner’s Precinct Properties NZ, and new tenants with confidence for tenant safety and the ability to allow lawful access by the public.

By helping to manage the complex council processes, Farsight alleviated the stress on the LT McGuinness team, allowing them to focus on the delivery of this great project for the people of Auckland.

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