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We are leading Building Compliance specialists with over twelve years of proven industry success and strong council relationships.

We make compliance simple and easy with targeted advice and technical knowledge.

When you draw on the experience of a specialist team of compliance consultants, you are simplifying your project’s path to success.

Compliance is one of the most pressing concerns in any project, but it does not need to be difficult – just done right! Our clients trust us to deliver targeted advice, technical knowledge, and industry insights. We draw upon our strong council relationships to help make compliance a simple and easy process, and a positive feature of any project.

The Farsight team work with big and small projects across commercial and residential, right from the beginning to the end.

What can Farsight do for you?


We take the complexity out of the building compliance process, working with you to explore and define your optimal compliance requirements.


We have a national team of fully competent inspection staff who are continually engaged by BCA’s and project teams to complete inspections that demonstrate building consent compliance in the field.


NZ building compliance processes are complex, often requiring interpretation, translation and representation. Farsight has a team with decades of experience in this field with an ongoing proven track record for successful outcomes.


We pride ourselves in developing a partnership with your team to provide positive learnings, aligning performance to ensure consistency and cost-effective independent assessment.

Why Farsight?

We bring positivity and personality to the process, so you will enjoy working with ingenious people who do not tell but explain.

The team at Farsight has the depth and breadth of knowledge to help you on the toughest compliance challenges—smoothing the path with councils and freeing up your time to focus on your projects.

Farsight Reviews

Farsight were great to work with! At a critical time when we needed honesty, expertise and confidentiality, they gave us exactly that.

A Large Metro Council

The value add we have got through certainty in dealing with the local council process and relationship thanks to Farsight has been immense and we intend to continue the relationship on any current/further projects we have with them.
Aaron Lindsay ,Project Director

LT McGuinness

The building consent process runs far more smoothly along with the ongoing BC management and back-end CPU/CCC application process. The value add we have got by time savings out of these processes thanks to Farsight has been immense and we intend to continue the relationship on any current / further projects we have with them.
Hamish Jackson,Development & Asset Management Director

ROKI Collection Queenstown

Dialog Fitzroy is delivering multi storey and multi-unit modular development and construction in NZ. A critical part of success in NZ relates to compliance confidence. Farsight has been our trusted guide from day one. Focusing on all critical stakeholders they have ensured that we have gained success.
Andrew McKenzie,General Manager

DIALOG Fitzroy

The approval process was a fraction of the cost it might have been. But much more than that, they made it work for all of us, which seemed almost impossible at the start. Magic!

Antarctica NZ