About us

Our Story

Farsight NZ LP (Previously known as Holmes Farsight) was founded in 2011 by Wellington-based building compliance expert Rob Tierney as part of the Holmes Group of specialist consulting businesses.

We are specialist compliance consultants and a leading New Zealand Accredited Inspection Body.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand Building Code and related legislation. We combine the best from the council and commercial business to give clients the perspective from both sides of the compliance process.

We take pride in our pragmatic approach to client projects and by drawing on our years of experience and broad project range, we give our clients confidence and assurance that their project, big or small, will succeed.

Our Values

  • 1. Social Responsibility

    We respect the law and culture of our land, supporting universal human rights, protect the environment and enhance the communities where we work, live and play.

  • 2. Integrity

    This encompasses, trust, a moral code of behaviour, an ethical code of practice, and honesty – in everything we do, every interaction we have, and every decision we make. Bottom-line – if it doesn’t measure up, we do not do it!

  • 3. Vision

    This means having the ability to see opportunities (envision the future), set goals, challenge any process, and more importantly having the ability to inspire others to follow our lead.

  • 4. Commitment

    Our vision and mission are lofty ideals that won’t be achieved easily, and our clients often have very hard goals for us to achieve, none of these will be a limiter to Farsight and its people, we will always find a way to solve the problem/issue – we will not give up.

  • 5. Ability

    Our organization is built on the strength of its ability – of the individuals, of our teams, of our offices, from our national presence, and by our collective knowledge derived from our history and our commitment to continuing to learn and grow..

Tenacity, honesty, respect, and excellence – these are principles that underpin everything Farsight aspires to.