Upper Village Queenstown

A swift consent success for a visionary project

A swift consent success for a visionary project

Engage Group

Queenstown, New Zealand

Commercial - Hospitality & Tourism

Building Consent Approval Strategy


The value add we have got by time savings out of these processes thanks to Farsight has been immense and we intend to continue the relationship on any current / further projects we have with them.

- Hamish Jackson

Upper Village Queenstown, a significant construction project in the heart of Queenstown, aimed to create a vast entertainment precinct within a demanding timeframe.


The Challenge:

The project faced multiple challenges primarily due to overseas-based designers who needed support in comprehending and adhering to the New Zealand building code and fulfilling council requirements. Navigating through the regulatory processes of the local council proved to be a daunting task due to the project’s size and complexity. With the pressure to complete a sizable building within a limited timeframe, obtaining necessary consents promptly was crucial.


How Farsight Helped:

Farsight’s expertise was recommended by Holmes to provide valuable assistance in securing the necessary consent documents. In order to tackle the consent process efficiently, it was divided into two stages: foundations and building. This approach allowed for a more systematic and focused strategy to obtain the required approvals.

Farsight worked closely with the building designers, maintaining clear communication channels throughout the process. Their collaboration resulted in the timely submission of all relevant documentation and information. Farsight’s in-depth understanding of the New Zealand Building Code and familiarity with the local council’s processes played a pivotal role in efficiently addressing and resolving any Requests for Information (RFIs) raised by the council.


The Outcome:

Thanks to Farsight’s dedicated efforts, the consents were issued ahead of the scheduled timeframe, providing the project team with weeks of preparation time before commencing the construction phase. By managing the complex council processes, Farsight alleviated the stress on the design team, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of the project. The success of the Upper Village Queenstown project has led to an ongoing collaboration between Farsight and Engage Group.


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