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Willis Bond 30 Madden Street

Getting Consent Certainty Under Pressure

Willis Bond

Auckland, New Zealand

Residential Apartments

Building Consent Approval Strategy


Farsight are awesome! It could have been a complete nightmare, instead, Farsight saved us time, money and stress. That’s why we won’t do a project without them.

- Willis Bond

An unforeseeable building crisis meant a new consent timeline was required, with anticipated overruns and penalties.  

The Challenge:
When an unforeseeable building crisis hit Willis Bond’s high-end Auckland apartment development, it could have been a nightmare. Fixing the issue would require a new consent timeline meaning potentially hefty penalties and reputational risk. The development was already dealing with Covid delays, and the Christmas slowdown was looming. They needed a clear roadmap for getting the remedial building work consented in order to incur as little delay as possible. Willis Bond needed the problem sorted, sorted well and sorted quickly.   

How Farsight Helped:
Thankfully, Farsight, were already on the project team. Having helped Willis Bond navigate the covid restrictions, they knew the project intimately and had strong relationships with the stakeholders. Quickly responding to the new situation, Farsight used its trusted relationships with Council and applied its extensive knowledge of legislation and process to look at the big picture and prepare a plan. Farsight helped prepare a new consent/compliance plan that gave all stakeholders the confidence and process to fix the building and get the final CCC in as short a time as possible.  

The Outcome:
The CCC was signed off six weeks earlier than anticipated! Willis Bond retained their trusted reputation in the market and avoided massive penalty fees. 

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