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With the ability to transform 4,500 tonnes of rubbish a year into plasterboard, saveBOARD was poised to make a positive impact on both the building sector and the environment in a big way – but only if they could comply with New Zealand’s Building code.


The Challenge:

Prior to starting production of their sustainable and upcycled plasterboard alternative, saveBOARD were concerned that the complex steps involved in meeting building compliance evidence needs would hinder their start up and future success. To add urgency, New Zealand was facing a plasterboard supply crisis by 2022. Having alternative products which were locally produced and could be relied upon to meet the NZ Building Code was critical to the industry. saveBOARD just needed a clear compliance pathway.


How Farsight Helped:

Farsight shared saveBOARD’s passion to see more sustainable building products and leaped at the opportunity to help. Farsight pieced together the information needed to demonstrate saveBOARD as an alternative to traditional plasterboard. This included translation of large quantities of international testing information to the New Zealand building compliance environment, a task which required a wealth of knowledge relating to the New Zealand Building Code. Ultimately, Farsight brought clarity to the process giving saveBOARD the pathway and confidence they needed.


The Outcome:

saveBOARD can now be used in buildings across New Zealand and it is recognized as one of five product substitutions for Plasterboard in New Zealand!

To find out more check out MBIE’s Plasterboard Substitution Guidance or saveBOARD’s website.


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