Building Compliance Expert Opinion Reports

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NZ building compliance processes are complex, often requiring interpretation, translation and representation. Farsight has a team with decades of experience in this field with an ongoing proven track record for successful outcomes.

Many Building Act processes require mandatory expert reports that must balance the goals of the project with the legal requirements.

We provide expert reports for all of the mandatory Building Act 2004 process requirements in the following areas:

  • Accessibility reports (Sec 112 – 118 BA04).
  • ANARP* reports (Sec 112 – 115 BA04).
  • Change of Use reports (Sec 114-115 BA04).
  • Certificate of Acceptance reports (Sec 96 BA04).
  • Building Code Waiver/Modification report (Sec 67 BA04).
  • Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) complaint investigation report (Sec 84 BA04).
  • Building Warrant of Fitness compliance report (Sec 100- 108 BA04).
  • Certificate of Public Use reports (Sec 363 BA04).

*ANARP – As Near As Reasonably Practicable.